Private Client– Brooklands, Sale, Manchester

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Modern Glass Extension Manchester

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Sale, Manchester

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Existing - 120m² (1,300Sqft); Proposed - 145m² (1,550Sqft)

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85K+VAT exc. fixtures and fittings (2024)

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Sketch proposals, planning drawings, detailed building regulations & construction drawings,

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16 weeks

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Design & build contractor


PJH Architectural Services have worked with our clients to help rejuvenate their property with an exciting, modern glass extension in Manchester and a complete external renovation to bring their tired property into the 21st century, creating a visually exciting statement on the street.

Holding a prominent corner plot along a bustling, tree-lined main road in Sale, the existing detached property had the potential to be a focal point of the street, however a series of simple ‘bolt-on’ extensions and a lack of TLC over the years had left the property feeling disjointed and tired both internally and externally. Our client was keen for the property to have an improved synthesis with itself externally, to help the existing extensions tie seamlessly into the property, while internally looking to bring the property up to the standards of modern family living.

The existing dwelling boasted a vast internal footprint, however had fallen foul to the array of simple, ill-thought-through extensions that had been constructed down the years; rooms within rooms and sporadic openings in existing walls left the thoroughfares around the property confusing, it was easy to get lost walking round in circles! Our ambition internally was to help amalgamate these disconnected spaces into something that worked for our client’s modern family lifestyle, while minimising disruption and ultimately reducing their overall build costs.


After consultation with our client, we chose to focus on one side of the dwelling which overlooked the garden, where a series of family living spaces currently sat. While individually the rooms were of good size, their window, door & entry positions made it difficult to fully utilise them to their best potential. Similarly, the openings to the garden were small, leaving the rooms dark and disconnected from the external green spaces. It was clear that a transformation of these areas would greatly improve the function of the home and better suit our clients open, family lifestyle.
PJH proposed a carefully crafted modern glass extension to our clients property in Manchester, to create a spacious new open plan family living area overlooking the garden. Internally we looked to retain as much of the existing structure as possible, while maximising the openness of the new family area. This helped us to subtly subdivide the space to create a number of functional ‘zones’ – a dining space adjacent to the existing kitchen, a snug/reading area overlooking the garden, and a cosy media room to the rear. The main function of the extension was to maximise the connectivity between inside & outside which we achieved through a series of contemporary glazing features. A large set of bifolding doors allow the property to be completely opened up to spill outside in the warm summer months, while an elegant, glazed window seat provides a contemporary reading nook for quiet moments of reflection & relaxation.

Externally, our client was fond of the modern ‘clean’ aesthetic as opposed to the simple, dated, mismatch of brickwork found throughout their property. PJH produced a selection of potential external design options, each incorporating a variation of materials, glazing and design choices for our clients consideration. A final material palette of sleek modern render alongside warm timber cladding was selected, to harmonise with the surrounding trees and vegetation, allowing the dwelling to settle into its surroundings.

Planning, Building Regulations & Tender

Once the external renovations had been agreed, PJH set about producing our detailed planning drawing for the project, inclusive of sample material specifications to accompany the external works. This comprehensive set of information was used as part of the formal planning submission to Trafford Council; being one of Trafford’s Accredited Designers allowed the planning process to run smoothly, and planning approval was granted within the allotted timeframes. Following receipt of planning, PJH Architectural Services commenced with our detailed Building Regulations & Tender/Construction drawings for our client’s modern glass extension in Manchester. The detailed set of information, alongside structural engineers information, allowed our client to go out to a selection of South Manchester based recommended contractors to gain accurate tendering quotes for their project.

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