Our Fees

As a client of PJH Architectural Services, you can expect a personal and tailored service, with a transparent fee structure from day one

What’s the cost of our services?

Our costs will always depend on the type of project and the level of involvement you require from us. To quote figures without knowing the project details would be misleading. Generally, the majority of our projects are either priced on a modest percentage of the anticipated build costs or a fixed lump sum, which is calculated based on our involvement, this ensures that clients have costs certainly from the start of a project.

Some companies offer standard fee packages which may give the client a better initial idea of costs but are not tailored to individual projects, which may mean the client could lose value for money paying for services that are not necessarily required.

At PJH Architectural Services we carry out an initial consultation with all our clients. We will provide a written scope of works clearly identifying the breakdown of our services provided, their associated costs, timescales and our payment terms.

Extensive feedback from our vast amount of previous clients, has shown this exercise to be  invaluable for our clients, and ensures that every client is aware of all associated costs, inclusive of our design fees and 3rd party fees such as planning application fees, building regulations fees and structural engineers fees from day one, which allows these figures to be factored into the whole project from the beginning.

When choosing a designer, we totally appreciate that cost is important, however the cheapest is not always the best option to go for.

What a client needs in a practice:

  • Clients require a practice who is going to work closely with them
  • A practice who can provide accurate guidance on what can be done and what shouldn’t be done.
  • A practice who advises on how to maximise value of a property while providing a design to suit a client’s needs and budget.
  • A practice who understands budgets and can accurately design to suit client’s budgets.
  • A practice that can talk to and advise client’s on the impact the on-site works may have to them, as a family.
  • A practice that can advise and help client’s with choosing the correct contractor to suit their project.
  • A practice that can advise client’s on how the building process works.
  • A practice that can provide cost effective detailed designs that can be carried through to completion.
  • A practice who can help portray their ideas.
  • A practice who understands their needs from a family point of view.

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