Expected timescales

Our standard ‘key stage’ protocol that is incorporated on all developments

Key stages of a design

Full planning and building regulations project

Week 1

Key stage 1 Initial consultation
Key stage 2 Fee proposal submitted to client
Key stage 3 Instruction to proceed received from client
Key stage 4 Contract documents issued
Key stage 5 Contract documents signed & returned

Week 2

Key stage 6 Full measure site survey carried out by PJH

Week 3/4

Key stage 7 Initial sketches issued to client for comment/sign off
Key stage 8 Sketch proposals signed off and instruction to proceed with detailed drawings received

Week 4/5

Key stage 9 Detailed planning drawings issued to client for review and sign off
Key stage 10 Planning drawings signed off
Key stage 11 Planning submitted, anticipated planning decision date issued to client

Week 5-13

Urmston Architect

Key stage 12 Planning validation & decisions process

Week 13

Key stage 13 Planning decision received
Key stage 14 Instruction to proceed with detailed building regulations/tender drawings received from client

Week 14/15

Key stage 15 Draft building regulations drawings issued to client
Key stage 16 Formal submission of detailed drawings and CDM information issued to client.
Key stage 17 Formal submission of drawings to building control
Key stage 18 Architectural drawings issued to Structural Engineer for his fee proposal

Week 16/17

Key stage 19 Structural Engineer’s drawings received
Key stage 20 Structural Engineer’s drawings issued to building control
Key stage 21 Plan check approval and initial notice received from building control
Key stage 22 Plan check approval and initial notice from building control issued to client

Week 18 onwards

Key stage 23 Tender to builder, agree tender figures & start on site (timescales to suit builder availability & time on site to suit complexity of design) 

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