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An Extension: Why Choose One and How Much?

It can be very easy to think that a house will remain big enough for a lifetime, only to find after a few years that you’re in need of extra space. It could be due to a growing family, an elderly relative moving in, regular home working or simply more possessions that need storing. When this happens, the first thought is usually to move to a larger property, which rarely has to be the case.

A family watching home videos in their extension

Consider an extension

Relocating to a new house can be very exciting and gives you a lot of freedom. However, aside from the time, money and stress involved, it also means having to say goodbye to the place that holds a lot of precious memories. If you’re attached to your current home and would rather stay there for many more years to come, an extension could be the perfect solution.


How much does an extension cost?

The cost of an extension can depend on multiple factors but we’re pleased to say that there’s a rough guide to go by:

  • Basements are around £4,000 per m²
  • Ground floor extensions are between £1,500 to £2,500 per m²
  • First floor extensions, which are built above a new or existing ground floor extension, are the most affordable at around £1,000 per m²


Total customisation

Our architectural technologists can design an extension that perfectly suits your requirements and works in line with your vision. Whether it’s a small ground floor extension that overlooks the garden, all the way to multistorey extensions that hugely transform the property and how it’s used, we’ll let you know your options, the estimated timescale and how much it will cost.

We also provide detailed architectural drawings, manage the planning & building control applications and can also offer our very popular site supervision service, remaining with the project right the way through to physical completion.

A calculator, pencil and ruler on top of detailed architectural drawings

Increase the value of your home

An extension often pays for itself in more ways than one. The most valuable way is surely your newfound love for your home, vastly improved flow, more freedom to redesign rooms, and enough space for you and your family to live comfortably without getting under each other’s feet.

Then there’s the monetary value, in that an extension can increase the market price of your home more than you may realise. Research by Nationwide in late 2020 found that adding an extra bathroom to an average three bedroom house will increase the property’s value by up to 6% and an additional double bedroom will add about 12%. However, an new double bedroom with en-suite will add up to 23%, which is a significant return on investment.

Piles of coins topped with miniature houses


Use it for whatever you like

We’d also like to point out that an extension doesn’t necessarily have to be used for dining, cooking, sleeping and general living. This is your chance to be imaginative, so how about a home cinema, a games room, a gym and yoga studio, a creative space or perhaps even a luxurious spa bathroom. This is your opportunity to seriously upgrade your lifestyle, so think big and treat yourself to something special.


Find out more

Ready to get started? Download our free guide to extending your home and then get in touch via our contact form to discuss your extension project.



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