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contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion

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Leigh, Wigan

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Existing 80m² & Proposed Floor Area 140m² (GF & Loft Conversion)

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£150K + VAT, exc. Fixtures & Fittings (2023)

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Sketch proposals, planning drawings, detailed building regulations & construction drawings.

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Circa 20 weeks

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Design & build contractor


Having previously worked with our clients back in 2012, PJH Architectural Services had the pleasure of working with our clients again to help revitalise their family home with an exciting contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion project in Leigh, Wigan. Having recently moved into their property as means of downsizing, our clients soon realised that moving from a 4 bedroomed detached house to a bungalow was perhaps a step too far when it came to downsizing! Additional space and a well thought out design were required in order to bring the dwelling into the 21st Century and to accommodate their desired modern, open, family lifestyle.

The existing property was a traditional 1970’s bungalow, sat within a quiet residential area of similar character. Externally, several other properties on the street had begun to test the waters with external renovations in order to rejuvenate the dated character of their homes; our clients were keen to push the boat out to provide a major overhaul of the tired façade in order to allow the property to stand out on the street and provide a contemporary feel to the dwelling.

Internally, the property had all the basic amenities required of a family home but to say the configuration of spaces was confusing would be an understatement! The thoroughfare through the dwelling was convoluted, the bedroom sizes were on the compact side and an overall lack of natural lighting getting into the property left it feeling dark and cold; PJH were appointed to utilise our design nous to make better use of the existing space at ground floor, and provide a contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion to maximise the potential of the dwelling and provide a series of additional, light, spacious rooms, to turn the house into a forever home.


Our process always starts with a series of fluid Sketch Proposals, to get an understanding of the space available. We worked with our client to help them envisage the potential of the dwelling by putting a series of initial proposals in front of them exploring how they could best utilise the space – with internal reconfigurations, extensions and dormer loft conversion options provided for their consideration. This allowed our client to review what they could achieve as well as consider initial budget & cost restraints to determine the most feasible approach. With the property already boasting a spacious footprint, it became clear that the most appropriate route forward was through an overhaul of the internal configuration, and a contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion.

As existing, the entrance to the dwelling led into a cramped internal porch, with barely enough space to hang your coat! Transforming the entrance to create a welcoming approach to the home was therefore key to the proposals. Through the removal of a selection of interior walls, we opened up the entrance area to create a spacious open hallway with views all the way through the property and out into the garden beyond – by stretching the views, rather than opening the front door straight into a solid wall, the home immediately feels more welcoming. In conjunction with the loft conversion, we finished the entrance area by opening up the ceiling of the bungalow to the roof above, to create a vaulted atrium. Coupled with the introduction of a series of rooflights, the entrance area is now a light-filled, spacious, open atrium, providing a real sense of grandeur when inside.

Internally, we continued with the open, spacious theme by looking to maximise the usability of the family areas. To the front of the home, the existing lounge was throughfare and had to be walked through to get to the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms – we managed to close off the lounge to create a dedicated space of privacy and relaxation rather than a busy corridor.  To the rear, we opened up the existing cramped kitchen to create a more spacious environment for the family to cook & eat together rather than all standing on each others toes! The introduction of a series of full height windows and sliding doors open up the new kitchen/diner to the garden, helping to maximise the interior/exterior connections. The ground floor also encompasses the principal bedroom, overlooking the garden through a set of sliding doors to help seamlessly tie the exterior elevations together. The bedroom is complete with a walk-in-wardrobe and en-suite area, space that was utilised from the existing redundant garage that was previously only used as overflow storage. The strategic location of the principal bedroom on the ground floor ensured future flexibility for the potential of reduced mobility.

Moving up to the first floor is where we find our clients new contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion. The generous existing footprint meant that this new first floor offered significant potential. Designed from the outside in, the dormer comprises 3 grand full height windows overlooking the garden to the rear and flooding the first floor with natural daylight; each window serves a new room at the first floor, 2 generously sized new bedrooms and an office space for the modern ‘working from home’ lifestyle. The first floor is complete with a spacious family bathroom, as well as an elegant open landing.

Externally, our clients were keen for a major overhaul to provide a modern aesthetic to the dwelling, in contrast to the tired & dated common brickwork. To the rear, we proposed a predominantly natural material palette in order to tie the property into its natural garden surroundings, while also utilising a series of contemporary features. A new rendered façade provided a clean aesthetic, while the existing rear extension has been clad in stone to provide a rugged, natural appearance. The new contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion has been framed in a projecting zinc surround, providing an elegantly modern finish, while the rear elevation is finished with light timber cladding to maximise the natural approach.

Planning, Building Regulations & Tender

While a traditional dormer loft conversion can be completed under Permitted Development, the use of a contrasting, contemporary material palette meant that a planning application was required. Once we were collectively happy with the proposals, PJH completed our detailed planning drawing package and handled the submission of the application to Wigan Council. Upon receipt of planning approval, PJH Architectural Services commenced with our detailed Building Regulation and Tender/Construction drawing package; this comprehensive set of information, in conjunction with Structural Engineers’ information, allowed our clients to go out to tender to a selection of local contractors to gain accurate quotes for the project. Works on our client’s contemporary bungalow dormer loft conversion project were started in 2023, and we look forward to being able to share photographs with you once the project is complete!

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