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The amount of natural daylight is one of the first things that you notice when entering a room. Whilst sunshine is of course everyone’s favourite, it’s amazing how much even low levels of natural light on a cloudy day can make a difference to your home.

Natural light transforms rooms

The benefits of natural light are wide-ranging and well known, which is why experienced designers should always factor it into their projects. Incorporating natural light into your home can bring multiple advantages:

  • Improved mood: Natural light lifts spirits in general and can also ward off seasonal depression. This is due to it encouraging the release of serotonin and endorphins, which keep us positive and happy.
  • Vitamin D boost: An essential nutrient for the body that protects bones, studies show that vitamin D can also reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent weight gain.
  • A better night’s sleep: Scientific research has proved that the more natural light you’re exposed to, the more likely you are to sleep soundly at night.
  • A healthier life: There are many other positive effects that natural light has on our bodies, including better digestion, improved circulation, an increase in red blood cell production, a stronger immune system, and higher energy levels throughout the day.
  • Clearer complexion: Natural light isn’t just good for what’s inside us, it also keeps the skin healthy and radiant.
  • A lighter space: Dining areas predominantly benefit from natural daylight as natural light provides a better setting for formal and informal dining.

A more energy-efficient home

Another perk of designing surroundings so that they’re flooded with natural light is a significantly reduced need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. Alongside the reduction of your home’s carbon footprint, you’ll see your utility bills dip a fair bit as well.

How to get more natural light

When designing extensions, renovations and new build homes for our clients, we always take into account the most effective way to integrate natural light. The orientation of the property is a major factor, as this will dictate how much light enters your living environments and at what time of day. However, even if natural light is relatively limited, we can talk you through a variety of modern and stylish options.

  • High-quality glazing is the most obvious source of natural light, with full height windows increasing the amount that a home receives throughout the day. For ultimate luxury and performance, we recommend aluminium windows from Weru and Reynaers. We can also discuss different types and shapes, such as chic letterbox windows that work perfectly in the kitchen and also create unique focal points.
  • Sliding doors manufactured by Schueco are a very popular addition, as they’re designed for light and airy rooms that open out into nature. Bi-folding doors from Internorm are another excellent solution that our clients love thanks to thermal efficiency and a fantastic aesthetic. Both options allow an internal space to be extended out to merge with the outdoors.
  • To really maximise the volume of natural light your home receives, we suggest adding in roof lights by Velux. These are used for pitched roofs and loft conversions, whereas roof lanterns from Roof Maker and Duplus are ideally suited to flat roofs. These are particularly important inclusions when having a ground floor rear extension or loft conversion.
  • Glass atriums are a particular favourite of ours, as they guarantee timeless elegance and transform the way you use your home, while creating hierarchy at the front of a property and provide the striking floor to ceiling focal point.

The role of interior design

Last but by no means least, the shades used in your décor have an impact on how natural light is distributed. Reflective colours cause light to bounce around a space, with white being the most effective choice. If you’d rather have some colour, soft pastels do the trick nicely and add extra depth to your surroundings without being overbearing.

Light up your home

Interested in finding out more about how we can ensure that natural light is present throughout your home? Get in touch via our contact form or call the team on 0161 460 0382.

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