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Velux windows are rapidly becoming a must have in most modern-day home renovation and extension projects. Although, it is easy to follow the crowd and install popular features within your property, it is important to understand why a product is so popular. With that in mind here’s some important reasons why you may want to consider installing Velux windows within your property:

Natural daylight

Perhaps stating the obvious it’s just a point we cannot overlook. NATURAL DAYLIGHT is essential in setting the mood of an indoor space. Historically British properties have a tendency of not utilising natural daylight – especially when considering Victorian & Georgian terraces and low roofed cottages commonly found up and down the country. To help eradicate the gloom and darkness of conventional style roofs, installing a Velux roof window allows for plentiful amounts of natural daylight. Perfect for the summer months, Velux roof windows really opens up a space and when coupled with a vaulted roof, offers a real connection to the outside world.

Utilising loft space

When considering a loft conversion, you have to keep in mind that the space you are dealing with was never designed or intended to be a living space and thus may appear too cramped and small to become one which is why It is essential to install roof lights.

The dormer loft extension is becoming increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to add an additional bedroom to their property. When the extended dormer is paired with opposing roof-lights, the space is not only physically increased, but also feels larger and more inviting due to the increase in natural daylight.

Roof window conversions are a growing option for families looking to utilise their loft space but not necessarily as a bedroom. A roof window conversion depends entirely on roof-lights to imitate the increase in space and convert the loft space space to an unused imposing ad cramped space to a cosy chill/ snug area.


Why would you pay for something you can get for free? Spaces which utilise Velux windows will obviously require less of a need for electrically powered lighting and when positioned correctly can provide indirect solar heat.

A skylight can also provide excellent ventilation and natural cooling in the summer months. Velux offer smart windows which will open and close based on several variables, such as automatically closing when it’s raining and opening while sunny, as well as humidity and CO2 levels. Allowing for optimum living conditions for your family See the VELUX INTEGRA® system for more information.

Velux windows can be used to save money on energy bills by providing cooling to your house within the summer months. In an age of environmental uncertainty, cutting down the electricity bill is becoming increasingly more important to a lot of clients.

Aesthetic Design

With a range of stylish designs on offer with minimal frame designs, roof lights can add a contemporary and stylish design to an extension, while also bringing the outside inside. Installing a roof light can also be provide a focal point to both the interior and exterior of a property.

Manual v’s electric

Velux offer both a range of manual opening roof windows and electric opening windows. Whilst the obvious electric roof lights do add cost, there are specific advantages such as: –

  • Roof lights close automatically on detection of rain due to inbuilt rain sensors.
  • Roof lights open automatically based on internal roof temperatures in order to provide natural ventilation and avoid excessive heat build-up within internal spaces.
  • Ease of use, roof lights can be opened on the click of a button.


For options of where Velux windows can be purchased directly from refer to Velux’s web site or alternatively speak with your designer/Architect of builder about their full range.

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