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The Value of Detailed Architectural Drawings

Here at PJH Architectural Services we’re dedicated to precision, clarity and open communication. When you choose us for an extension, renovation or new build project, you gain the peace of mind that our team of architectural technologists will provide detailed drawings that make the process run smoothly from start to finish.

Detailed architectural drawings

It begins with a measured survey and sketches

By creating initial sketches, this allows you to envisage how the end result will look and function. This means that you get a clear idea of how everything will work together to enhance the way you use your home, with the option to fine-tune the design so that it perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. Once we’ve thoroughly discussed the project and the sketches have been approved, we proceed to the next stage.


Detailed Architectural Drawings (planning)

This is where it gets really exciting, as architectural drawings go far more in-depth and act as a clear representation of how the property will appear once the project is finalised. These detailed drawings will usually include existing and proposed floor plans, elevations, roof plans and location plans that accurately show all of the property’s key features.


Why do you need planning drawings?

Whilst we’re sure you’ll find these detailed architectural drawings fascinating, they’re also a core requirement when sending a planning application to a local authority. By including all of the information and data in one place, which is clearly visualised through professional diagrams, the process is sped up considerably.

We know exactly what your local authority needs to be given in order for your planning application to proceed without any hassle or stress. Failing to include even a single piece of info can result in lengthy delays, so we make everything very clear and easy to understand.

Detailed architectural drawings

Who manages the planning application?

We appreciate that you lead a busy life and have multiple time commitments, so our experts manage the entire planning application on your behalf. Once you’re happy with your detailed architectural drawings, we submit them to your local authority and deal with all of the correspondence – approval will be acquired as quickly as possible.


Detailed Architectural Drawings (building regulations and tender)

Once planning has been received we move onto the next stage of the process – building regulations and tender. The devil truly is in the detail in this next stage, as planning drawings are tailored towards how the property will look and building regulations drawings look into how they are built, including further information such as timber layout plans, detailed sections and material specification. As soon as everything is ready, we issue all of this information to approved building control inspectors, taking another time-consuming task off your plate.


Supporting builders and contractors

The detailed architectural drawings are not only for submission to building control but are also used to go out to tender to contractors. We pride ourselves on the level of detail in our drawings and as such we enable contractors to account and price for as much as possible, which provides you with cost and budget certainty throughout your project. In addition to this, the amount of detail and overall clarity on the drawing can reduce timescales and downtime on site.

Detailed architectural drawings

On-site supervision

What happens next is entirely up to you. We give our clients the option to use these detailed drawings to check the progress of the building works themselves. Alternatively, we’d be delighted to also offer our very popular on-site supervision service, which involves us remaining with your project all the way through to completion.

This tailored service includes regular site visits by our specialists to make sure that everything is running smoothly. We review the workmanship and quality of each stage, as well as discuss site findings with both you and the contractor. This is followed up by site reports that outline our findings, works completed to date, proposed works within the coming weeks and progress photos. This approach removes any uncertainty and gives you the reassurance that all aspects of the construction phase are of the highest quality and consistency, all while adhering to a variety of compliance stipulations.


We have a keen eye for detail

Interested in detailed architectural drawings that guarantee precision and speed up the application process? Get in touch via our contact form or call the team on 0161 460 0382.


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