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Roof Windows vs Roof Lanterns

The more natural light you have in your home, the greater the health benefits and feeling of space and flow. That’s why so many of our clients ask us whether they should choose roof lanterns or roof windows, as they both have their advantages.

The key difference is that roof windows are positioned to suit the pitch of the roof, with a required pitch of 15 degrees, whereas roof lanterns are used on flat roofs and can protrude outwards a lot more, such as in the form of a pyramid. They both look fantastic and you really can’t go wrong with either, but it’s important to choose the type that suits your needs and preferences before building work commences.

Below are some of the key features of both types of window so that you can make an informed decision.

Roof windows

Air quality: Did you know that the “Ve” in Velux stands for ventilation? This immediately sets them aside from the competition, as good ventilation and air flow help to keep homes healthier and more pleasant to live in. Aside from this helping to reduce condensation, which can damage surfaces and lead to structural damp, the air in your living environments will also be cleaner and fresher.

Natural light: We’ve covered what the “Ve” means, so now it’s time for the “lux”, which is Latin for “light”. That’s because Velux windows are designed with very narrow frames so that as much light as possible enters your home.

Energy efficiency: Whether you simply like the idea of lower utility bills or are truly committed to running an eco-friendly home, Velux roof windows come with outstanding insulation. As well as trapping in heat when you need it most and ensuring cooler surroundings during the hotter months, the maximisation of natural light also means you won’t need to use as much electric lighting throughout the day.

They look incredible: What can we say, Velux really is a brilliant brand of roof window and its entire range is simply beautiful. No matter which style of Velux window you choose, it will look sleek, modern and sophisticated whilst perfectly complementing the rest of your home.

Roof lanterns

Maximise natural light: Though roof windows are excellent, a roof lantern invites even more natural light into the room. Aside from this being an attractive feature in general, more natural light can help to minimise the effects of seasonal affective disorder (winter depression).

A better view: If you love gazing at the sky, whether it’s to admire passing clouds or pointing our constellations to the kids, roof lanterns are the right choice. Whichever brand you choose, from Roofmaker to Duplus, prepare for unparalleled views.

Thermal efficiency: Due to so much sunlight being allowed to enter your home, roof lanterns can help you to reduce your heating bills substantially. They also come with strong insulation that locks in heat when you need it most.

They create a focal point: Roof lanterns are specifically made to stand out and attract the eye. They really do create a striking internal focal point, as their designs are anything but dull and are highly sought after by house buyers.

Design: Roof lights work in conjunction with flat roof construction methods, refer to our blog “Pitched Roof or Flat Roof”, thus creating a continuous ceiling level between new & existing roof.


Still can’t decide?

We’re here to help you choose the perfect glazing solutions for your home. To find out more, get in touch on 0161 460 0382 or email the team at enquiry@pjhas.co.uk


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