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Golf PODs

Golf PODs

Designed by PJH Architectural Services on behalf of Pod Life, a designated home golf simulator within your own garden, provides all year round interactive practice for the golf enthusiast.
Each golf pod provides the necessary internal clear height suitable for a swing of 3 meters. The internal golf pod size is 6.1m x 4.6m. Installation of golf simulator equipment can be tailored to the design, which allows for recessed floor sensors, lighting, screens, projectors, and necessary cable runs.

Key advantages of Golf PODs:

• Allows you to play and practice all year round.
• Golf simulator allows you to play, compete and improve.
• Provides directly measured data for ultimate accuracy.

If you are looking to create a home Golf POD, please contact PJH Architectural Services for more information.

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Available Nationwide


6.1m x 4.6m


To suit required size and internal /external package.


To suit size.


Installation on site by qualified tradesmen

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