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Planning Submitted – Worsley, Salford

PJH Architectural Services have recently submitted a planning application to Salford City Council on behalf of our client’s project in Worsley, Salford. The project consists of 3 parts, a dormer loft conversion, a new Garden Pod and major works to the front garden and drive. The loft conversion looks to provide a new master suite to the property, housing large walk-in-wardrobe and en-suite suite facilities – the new addition is to be completed with 3 elegant dormers to the rear, creating a new contemporary addition and allowing for views out to the woodlands beyond. The Garden Pod creates a new lounge area to the rear of the large garden, providing our clients with the space to spend more time together as a growing family. Finished with render and an elegant aluminium fascia surround, the Pod maintains the contemporary aesthetic of the dormers. To the front of the property, the garden had scope for a sizable driveway along with plenty of room left over for landscaping, however this space had never been taken advantage of. We’ve looked to completely transform the front garden, creating a journey up to the front of the property while still surrounding the clients with the garden space and landscaping they desire. Now planning has been submitted to Salford City Council we are looking forward to receiving planning consent. We will be progressing onto our detailed building regulation and tender drawings without full planning permission as only certain elements require permission from the council.

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