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Planning Submitted – High Legh, Cheshire

PJH Architectural Services have recently submitted a planning proposal on behalf of our client. Having lived in the property for a couple of years our client found that, in terms of floor space, their property more than met their requirements but functionally it did not. Previous owners had extended in the past with a rather large outrigger extension and then again with a conservatory on the back of the outrigger, this in turn created a corridor of rooms and was not a practical use of space for our client and their young family. Our brief was to retain current floor area but rearrange, extend and demolish to create a large open plan space with a strong emphasis on glazing features and “as little external wall as possible”. It was also important to our client to incorporate views of the stunning Victorian architecture of the St John’s Church which sits opposite the gable of the property. Other requirements included a downstairs WC, office and utility to the ground floor and internal reconfiguration to first floor to allow for an en-suite to the master bedroom.
By knocking down the two existing extensions and extending out 4m at the full width of the property, we created a more compatible space at a similar area as the original property. On the rear elevation we incorporated a set of large sliding doors with wide full height windows either side. On the rear elevation we looking to include horizontal cladding, aluminium fascia detail and looked to retain symmetry, whilst avoiding the use a sway frame steel structure. On the side elevation we looked to incorporate four high level letterbox windows in order to bring the beautiful views of the surrounding architecture into the property.
Our clients initial preference was to design with a pitched roof, but due to the excessive projection of the proposed extension, a pitch roof would not work without dramatically increasing the sill heights to the first floor – something that our client wanted to avoid at all costs. Initially our client’s reservations concerning a flat roof and their appearance did put doubt into the proposal. In order to modernise the elevation, we looked to include an aluminium fascia detail which wrapped around the hinges of the rear elevation. Upon receiving the elevation drawings our client’s opinion had been converted and they loved the contemporary style extension. The proposed flat roof allowed us to design with much larger rooflights in mind, appeasing our clients want for glazing and natural light.
Out client explained the existing garage space was under-utilised, so we agreed to convert half of this space into a office space. Locating the large open plan within the newly extended space freed up some space to create a WC and utility to the side of the property. We also included some minor alterations to the first floor to allow for en-suite, light tunnel and also utilised some “dead space” above the stairwell by creating some high-level storage.

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